Inundate yourself into your Ideative field

Imagine….if every member of your team, department, or company spent an entire week flooding their minds with Experiences and Knowledge on a specific business challenge or topic – the target Ideative subject – to the point where for some of them the subject followed them into their dreams at night.  The whole group continued to pack their brains until they felt so overstuffed with information that they thought the subject was simply going to come bursting out.

Now, you have a group of people primed for Idea creation.

The purpose of the Inundation process is to place as many blocks as possible of Experience and Knowledge within easy mental access (think ‘tip of your tongue‘) of your conscious mind, and to pack those blocks of information so tightly into your brain that they are ready to burst out in an Ideative SuperNova.

to be an original thinker… First, you have to have a tremendous amount of information – a big database.”
Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, author of

The blocks of Experience and Knowledge are critical to Idea creation
Creativity is not magic.  The way the human mind creates can be explained quite simply.  People take in information (learning) then Assemble that information into different configurations. When they Assemble a unique configuration we call it “creative.”  People can perform these activities alone or in groups.

The unique configurations that emerge from creative work can be Ideas for new products, services, and solutions to problems, or they could be new questions requiring new information and the Assembly of still newer configurations.  The critical component to the formation of new Ideas is that the blocks of Experience and Knowledge needed to create the Idea must be in the mind of the individual – or member of the group – in order for that information to be applied to the creation of the Idea. The more Enhanced that block of information is within the individual’s mind, the more likely it is that that block of information will be recalled for Assembly into an Idea at the proper point of Assembly.

Ideas often come immediately on the discovery of a single block of new information.  Yet many Ideas, particularly those wonderful flashes of inspiration that we call Ideative SuperNovas, often form from blocks of information that our brains have stored and then retrieved, creating the sudden inspiration.

To develop a more Ideative organization:
You and your people need to Inundate into your business, industry and products.  There is no substitute for this in depth approach to learning new information and refreshing your vast stores of existing Experience and Knowledge.

Challenge barriers and constraints
Explore the barriers and constraints you are facing from differing viewpoints (don’t ignore them!).  You have to overcome your barriers and either work within your constraints or find routes around them.  The only way to create innovative, realistic, and valuable Ideas is to be realistic about barriers and constraints.

Seek out experts
Ask questions, then ask unusual, even bizarre questions that require explanation.  Bring experts together and facilitate conversation and intellectual disagreement. Encourage the experts to explain and re-explain their thinking.  Make suggestions to the experts by offering good Ideas and silly Ideas and challenge them to accept or refute those ideas.

Revisit the old
Look for Ideas tried in the past that worked and those that didn’t work, maybe never even came off the PowerPoint slides, the patent filing, or a stray thought that occurred outside the pub. You’ll find a wealth of great material for Idea creation along with a better understanding of the barriers by understanding what Ideas failed and what Ideas people didn’t even have the courage to try.

Search for the new
Attend trade shows, read intensely, network throughout your industry, travel, surf the web, engage designers.  Do whatever it takes to remain at the forefront of your field.

Routinely Break Routines
Enhance your Experience and Knowledge by actively engaging in activities that Deviate From Your Routines.  Here is an excellent list of suggestions for how you can Routinely Break Routines.

You and your people are already Ideative.  Each of you has a vast store of Experience and Knowledge available for creating innovative, realistic, and valuable Ideas.  Inundate yourselves in your product, business, and industry and you will refresh those blocks and add a variety of new blocks of Experience and Knowledge; You and your people will become far more Ideative.

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