Enhance your Experience and Knowledge Vividly

The most powerful tool you have for building your Ideative potential comes from Enhancing the Experience and Knowledge you gain while Inundating and Deviating From Routines. To Enhance your Experience and Knowledge Vividly means that when you Inundate and Deviate From Your Routines you should engage your emotions and five sense as much as possible.

You can dramatically improve your Idea creation by getting involved with your products, customers, and frontline personnel, and seeing, hearing and feeling, your customer’s problems, solutions, and successes. To build the foundation that is your Experience and Knowledge you should live and learn more intensely. For example, if you have a business degree take art classes, or learn entomology. Have you traveled to Europe? Now try Southeast Asia. Do you normally drink beer? Try wine. Perhaps attend a wine tasting or take a course on wine.

Live innovatively. Routinely Break Routines.

Why is Enhance such a powerful tool?
Your brain stores information in multiple areas depending on which of your senses collects that information and the type and the intensity of the emotion related to that information. Stated simply; if you take in information with your eyes that information will be stored in a visual area of your brain, and if you take in information through your ears that information will be stored in the auditory area of your brain. However, if you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste something, and have the emotion of enjoyment as you do all of this, the related information is stored in multiple areas of your brain and, and this is key; it has many more connections that can activate that memory at a later time when it can become a component of a unique and valuable Idea.

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