About Robert S. Siegel

About Robert S. Siegel

Robert S. Siegel spent 25 years in Marketing, Product Development, and Product Management in roles specializing in innovation, new product development, and idea creation. Robert worked among engineers, project managers, financial specialists, attorneys, and other analytical thinkers and is himself an analytical thinker. Yet he is an analytical thinker with a creative streak for idea development that led him to be a catalyst for new ideas among his colleagues.

One of Siegel’s former bosses wrote on LinkedIn, “Bob makes every team he works with, better. I have observed this most remarkable quality in many team situations over 25 years.”

Siegel has published articles, given webinars and speeches on The Ideative Process to Pragmatic Marketing Magazine, the Product Management View, and EarthLink. In addition, he is the author of the novel Bad Options, available on Kindle, he wrote a short story called “Nonsense,” for Alternate Realities Webzine, a humor column, “We’re World Serious! Mixed Marriage Blues,” for the Cleveland Jewish News, and “Enhancing Our Distinctions During Chanukah,” for Jewish Currents Magazine. He has written a collection of short stories, a novel (unpublished) and is working on a second novel.

Siegel operates a website called The NeaReport; the National Energy Alternatives Report, a news aggregator for alternative energy news. He spent 16 years in new product development and management at EarthLink, BellSouth (now AT&T) and has been in management consulting, advertising, and public relations. He has an MBA from Georgia State University’s Mack Robinson College of Business, a BA in Journalism/Public Relations from The Ohio State University, and is in The Wharton School’s Executive Education Certificate of Professional Development program. He has lectured on product management, promotions, creativity, and idea development. Siegel reads extensively on creativity, innovation, idea development, cognitive neuroscience, learning, and business, as well as U.S. and world history, religion, science, and general fiction. He is considering opportunities to gain further education in creativity, idea development and/or cognitive neuroscience either by earning a second master’s degree or by pursuing a PhD.

Robert is active on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Siegel is a member of Toastmasters, the Technical Association of Georgia, The Ohio State alumni and Georgia State University alumni associations. Siegel has coached youth soccer, baseball, and basketball and recently completed a 10K race. Siegel lives with his family in Atlanta.

Siegel can be reached at: robertssiegel@gmail.com

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