How you can have 100 extra hours a month for creative thinking

by Robert Siegel on January 21, 2011

Professor Paul Janssen of The Ohio State University built a scale model of the university’s horseshoe shaped Ohio Stadium using a million Lego blocks.

I love this story because I am an Ohio State alumnus and because Legos and other building blocks are so important to describing The Ideative Process that I use a photo of building blocks in my logo. But there is something more important than college pride in Professor Paul Janssen’s story.

Janssen spent 1,000 hours building his model of the Horseshoe. When people say that 1,000 hours is a lot he replies that, “Given that the average U.S. person watches TV for 150 hours a month, and I only watch for 50 hours a month, I don’t watch much TV, there’s 100 hours every month that I had available.”

You have 100 hours a month, 1200 hours in a year that you could use to accomplish great new things. Read about the Ideative Process, and use the process to develop great Ideas for your 1200 hours.


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