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Have you ever been a part of a ‘brainstorming’ session?  After the brainstorming session was over, what was the output?  Did you generate a list of newly created, well defined ideas that could feasibly produce value for your company? Could you implement those ideas under the constraints your company currently faces?

Research says that your answers are probably; ‘No.’ Brainstorming and other traditional creative activities are usually ineffective and inefficient. They waste time and money while generating ideas that are either unrealistic or pulled from existing idea lists.  These problems occur because traditional approaches to creativity are not designed to imbed creative thinking and problem solving into the organization’s DNA.  Instead, traditional creative activities are only designed to trigger spurts of creativity during the actual activity – Participants do not learn to be creative for life.  Further, creative facilitators often encourage participants to ignore the very real barriers and constraints that must be overcome if new ideas are to succeed.  Facilitators should teach participants the creative thinking skills that will enable them to solve the barriers and constraints, not ignore them.

The Ideative Process is the answer to these shortcomings
The Ideative Process enables people to build on their Ideative foundation; their natural ability to develop new ideas.  The Ideative Process builds creative skill for life. The Process was designed to help talented people create innovative, realistic, and valuable ideas to solve day to day problems, develop new products and services, and to create breakthrough innovations.  The Ideative Process was designed to imbed creative thinking and problem solving into your organization’s DNA.

How do Ideas get created?
Your brain generates Ideas from the information that it holds – the Experiences you have had and the Knowledge you have gained. Experience and Knowledge are different and both are valuable inputs to idea creation. Experience is gained from doing things; traveling to Italy to sample authentic pizza in an authentic pizzeria.  Knowledge is gained from research, reading, listening and learning; learning about the tax implications of opening a pizza restaurant.

More and better Ideas…
In order to generate more and better Ideas you need to increase the information that your brain possesses and, you need to increase that information in ways that will improve your ability to recall that information when you need it:

1: Inundate your mind with information about your Ideative subject.
2: Deviate from your Routines by Routinely Breaking Routines.
3: Enhance your Knowledge and Experiences with emotions and senses.
4: Assemble valuable ideas from the Enhanced blocks of Experience and Knowledge

When you Inundate your mind with Experiences and Knowledge; the facts, figures, sensations, and emotions relative to a specific field, you gain depth for future idea generation in that field.  This depth comes on top of the foundation that you have already built with your current set of Experiences and Knowledge.  By actively Deviating from your Routines you expand your Experience and Knowledge beyond your field.  Through Deviating from your Routines you enrich your mind with the raw material, the blocks, needed for breakthrough Idea creation while simultaneously enriching life itself.  Enhance the blocks of information you are adding from the Inundate and Deviate activities as Vividly as possible by incorporating your emotions and all five sensory inputs.

Once you have Inundated your mind and Deviated from your Routines you are ready to Assemble Ideas. You Assemble valuable Ideas from the Enhanced blocks of Experience and Knowledge you gained from the Inundate and Deviate activities. Idea Assembly leverages the natural functioning of your brain similar to the way children at play combine blocks with game pieces and other objects to build unique creations.

Your brain is an Idea workshop
Your brain can be thought of as an Idea workshop where you build Ideas the way children build with building blocks.  Imagine for a moment that you’re a child at play. You are playing with building blocks of which you have a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and even systems.  The connectors don’t all match because they are from different systems, but that is okay; in fact it is great. You build a bridge, but it’s a normal bridge and you want a unique structure, so you switch the pieces around and create a bridge that flies, and that’s unique……  The bridge will be more fun with the toy cars so you add them and use an apple to block the road so those cars need the bridge to fly away, and of course you need someone in a space suit to try to shoot down your bridge with their stapler laser gun.

You are already Ideative

The Ideative Process will enable you and your people to leverage your natural ability to build ideas out of the wide variety of Experience and Knowledge stored in your brain.  That is why you and each one of your people are already Ideative even if you do not consider yourself to be creative.

You are Ideative because you have an Ideative Foundation

Remember this simple acronym for creating Ideas: IDEA.  IDEA stands for, Inundate, Deviate, Enhance, and Assemble. The Ideative Process is not complex, but that does not mean it is not a powerful method for creating valuable Ideas.  People can continuously use The Ideative Process not only because it is easy to use, but because the activities of Inundate, Deviate, Enhance, and Assemble strengthen their careers and enrich their lives.

The Ideative Process is a revolutionary improvement on traditional creative methods because anybody can use The Ideative Process to develop innovative, realistic, and valuable ideas. The process is specially designed to enable analytical or ‘left-brained’ people that generally don’t consider themselves to be creative to become great idea developers for life.

Note: Creative people are welcome too!

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