Assemble your ideas

Your brain is an Ideative workshop!

Assemble Ideas in your mind’s Idea workshop:

Your brain is an Idea workshop where you assemble and reassemble your blocks of Experience (E) & Knowledge (K); your thoughts.

You build Ideas the way children build with building blocks.
Remember Legos®? Try a simple thought experiment with me. Think about the variety of constructions you can build from just 25 Lego blocks. The options are incredible. Now imagine what you can do with a set of more than 5,000 blocks of varying colors, sizes, and shapes. What if you add other brands of building toys; Robotix or Erector for example? The connectors won’t match, but that’s okay; variety is better.

Now stretch yourself beyond building toys to include completely unrelated items. Add Hot Wheels cars, an apple, a stapler, and a toy space suit. Now consider all the things you can do by combining these items. You can develop an endless variety of stuff if you are willing to collect and combine anything and everything.

Your objective, to become Ideative for life, means that you will stretch yourself, explore, and have fun as you work intensely to add new blocks of E&K.

Tools for Ideative Assembly

If you were constructing a real building you would need tools; nail gun, welding torch, crane.  Instead, you’re going to assemble a structure, an Idea, in you mind.  For this you’ll need some mental tools

1.  Your mind

  • Imagine yourself assembling blocks of Es & Ks in your mind, just like a child playing with blocks and other things.  Put a few red and green blocks together and see what you get.  Add 2-3 yellow ones and use them to play with the toy cars.  Make the toy cars fly than add an apple as a giant spaceship.

2. Paper and computer based tools

  • Mind Maps,
  • 2×2 charts,
  • Branch,
  • diagrams,
  • Pyramid charts
  • Notes on paper

You build Ideas the way children build with building blocks.  Your blocks are bits and pieces of your Experiences and your Knowledge.  You fit a few blocks together, then a few more, see how your structure looks, then add more or pull some off and try something else.  You build a lot with the same brand of block but you also add in other brands of blocks that don’t interconnect, and other things that are not blocks, sometimes not even toys at all.

Sometimes you build with blocks that don’t interconnect and stuff other than blocks because you don’t have enough of any one brand of blocks.  Other times you build like this because you can.

When you come across something you like, or just a thought that sort of sticks in your head, you build on to that.  Other times you pull the pieces apart and start over again, or toss the whole structure aside and pick up some new pieces.

When you get Idea  you really like, you set it aside – in adult parlance, you make notes or drawings and then decide if you are finished or need to continue.

  • Capture those ideas with promise, modify those that are close, and throw the other blocks into the pile for use as part of another approach – I don’t like this wing for my spaceship but “Wow!,” if I add a few red blocks, a paper clip and weld it to a mother board I have a great robot construction toy.
  • Don’t forget to let your mind wander; some of your best ideas will appear during down time, a car ride, a shower, or while relaxing to music. Inundate your brain and the ideas will burst out as Ideative SuperNovas.

So Many Ideas!

When asked why he has so many good Ideas Linus Pauling responded, “Because I have so many Ideas.”


Somewhere along the process of Developing Beyond and Assemble, you have probably had Ideas just pop into your head; The Ideative SuperNova.  You can cause more Idea SuperNovas.  Click here to learn how.

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