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by Robert Siegel on August 31, 2009

Welcome to the first of the weekly Ideative Process blogs.

The Ideative Process will enable anyone and everyone to proactively develop innovative, realistic, and valuable ideas.  The Process is based on the unique Experiences and Knowledge each person accumulates throughout their life.  Therefore, it is an idea creation tool that works for everyone, from the innately creative, to the most non-creative of people.

You Need Ideas.  To succeed in business, the arts, academics, even sports, you need the ability to develop valuable Ideas.  Ideas will give you value beyond your competitors.

Today I launched The Ideative Process website and blog, http://theideativeprocess.com/.  I have developed the site for simple navigation around two approaches to The Ideative Process. The first approach is Fast Ideative, designed for visitors that need to develop valuable ideas quickly. The second approach is Ideative for Life which includes the process and tools necessary to become Ideative for life.

Make idea development one of your most valuable skills by visiting The Ideative Process.  Spend some time browsing the two approaches and learning how to consistently develop valuable ideas.

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